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Doug and Bev Jarvis were a team in Toy Collecting for over 50 years! 

On our honeymoon, Doug found a book with the results of the sale of the Pearlman Toy Museum in Pennsylvania…and the search began. In the beginning, I looked at collecting toys as an investment. Soon I was bit by the passion of collecting that Doug had and in the beginning we bought every toy we could find. Through the CTCS (Canadian Toy Collectors Society) we met many like-minded friends and began to run Toy Shows for the CTCS.  It wasn’t long before Frank Steele and Doug branched out to form F&D Show Promotions. They ran successful toy and train shows at the International Centre in Toronto. The last show Doug ran was in 2014. We continued to run Collectible Toy Auction Sales at Hume’s Auction Farm, involving the whole family and many friends. 

In 1986, we were invited to join ATCA (the American Toy Collector Association). What experiences we had! We visited prominent collectors’ homes in the States, Canada and Europe. Doug’s enthusiasm and knowledge enabled him to run three outstanding Conventions for ATCA. We expanded our interests when we joined the Golden Glow of Christmas Past organization. Celebrating Christmas with approximately 750 friends in July has continued to be a highlight.

When Doug passed in 2017, he left me with skills, passions and traditions that enabled me to carry on. I continue to have an interest in toys, especially German wind-ups. I have developed skills in online/onsite Auctions which have been very valuable in our new COVID reality when onsite is not advisable. 

A new era of online Toronto Toy Auctions has begun!

Bev Jarvis
Toronto Toy Auctions