About Toronto Toy Auctions

Our May auctions are very important to us as we are celebrating Doug Jarvis and his love of collecting.  On May 4th in the “Damn Fine Toys” auction, I have selected 303 items from our personal collection that  represent years of “the hunt” for amazing toys.  Toronto Toy Auctions has always been a team effort.  For over 50 years, Doug and I collected together, worked on shows at the International Centre and ran successful Toy, Nostalgia and Comicon Auctions at Humes Auction Barn. With Doug’s passing on September 28th, 2017, it’s up to me to carry on.

Toronto Toy Auctions has gathered an impressive variety of items to offer which will be good additions to your collection, excellent store stock, or impressive and unique gifts! Many of the items are mint and in original packaging. Cataloging and photographing has been an interesting process. I never knew it was so much work…but it’s done! Many thanks to Ken Sheward for his help during this process.

Thanks for your continued support

Bev Jarvis